The Officer Joshua T. Miktarian Memorial Scholarship Fund was established to carry on Officer Joshua Miktarian’s dedication to the field of Criminal Justice and Law Enforcement. Three scholarships are awarded on an annual basis to a graduating student from Twinsburg High School, Tallmadge High School, and Lake Local High School due to Officer Miktarian’s link to those communities. Officer Miktarian proudly served the community of Twinsburg as a police officer for eleven years and the Uniontown Police Department Part-Time. Officer Miktarian was also a long-time resident of Tallmadge, graduating from Tallmadge High School in 1993.


These scholarships are awarded to students who share Officer Miktarian’s passion for service. Students applying must be pursuing a LAW-related field of studies such as Criminal Justice, Law Enforcement, Forensics, law school, or a similar field of study at an accredited two-year or four-year institution and have achieved a minimum 2.5 accumulative GPA. The value of each scholarship to Twinsburg and Tallmadge is $3,500 and the scholarship to Lake Local is $1,000. The scholarship is awarded to the student's account once registration is completed.

Please read all the instructions on the application forms:

Project Blue Light

Deadline for TWINSBURG STUDENTS submissions is by 5pm April 11, 2023​

Deadline for TALLMADGE STUDENTS submissions is by 5pm April 27, 2023

Deadline for LAKE LOCAL STUDENTS submissions is by March 27, 2023 


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